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What to do with a chipped tooth?

Child getting a dental exam

Teeth are made of enamel, the strongest substance in the body, however, they can still chip, crack (fracture) or break. This can happen for a number of reasons:

-After having a fall

-Getting a bang to the face i.e. sporting accident

-Due to decay weakening the tooth

-Biting down on something hard i.e. crusty bread, nuts

-Large old fillings that weaken over time and breakdown

When a tooth breaks you may not feel discomfort at first, however, your tongue will be most aware of the sharp area quite quickly.

If it is a larger break the dentine of the tooth can become exposed which causes sensitivity to air, hot and cold food or drinks.

You should contact your dentist at Galway Dental Clinic as soon as possible even though you may have no discomfort. The dentist will check if it can be repaired and if the nerve of the tooth has been damaged, which in this case a root canal treatment would be required to save the tooth.