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Dental Hygienist

When do I see the dental hygienist?

At every check-up visit, your dentist at Galway Dental Clinic will assess your gum health. It is advised you see the dental hygienist regularly at 3, 4 or 6 month intervals. At each dental hygiene appointment, your gum health is continuously assessed and advice is tailored to each individual patient’s needs. 

What is the role of the Dental Hygienist?

The hygienist’s role is to educate and motivate the patient in their daily oral hygiene routine. They will give you advice on the correct tooth brushing technique, called the Modified Bass Technique, and on dental aids such as floss, interdental brushes, mouthwash etc. that will assist you in maintaining a healthy mouth. 

Our dental hygienist is also qualified to give smoking cessation advice to anyone who is considering quitting smoking. They can give dietary advice on sugar intake and on the effects some foods can have on your teeth. They also observe all the soft tissue in the mouth and note any changes to discuss with you and the dentist.

Hygienist with Patient

Fluoride Varnish Application

An application of fluoride varnish can be applied to patients considered at high risk, such as those with braces, heavily filled teeth, or recession. This helps to strengthen and protect the teeth against any sensitivity and future decay, which runs alongside the patient having a good low-sugar diet.

What to expect at my dental hygiene appointment?

During your hygiene appointment at Galway Dental Clinic, our hygienist will remove all plaque, calculus (tartar), and tea and coffee staining which builds up on the teeth. The teeth will most often be polished after the cleaning to remove any last bit of plaque and to give that smooth feeling after a cleaning.

At times if the patient has not attended for a dental hygiene appointment in a long time, additional appointments may be required to successfully remove all debris above and below the gum. This is called a deep cleaning and is usually done under local anaesthetic to make it comfortable for the patient. The appointment is longer and the mouth is often cleaned in stages.

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