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Routine Dental Check Ups

At Galway Dental Clinic, we advise all our patients to have a routine dental check-up with our dentists. At this visit your overall dental health is assessed. Not many people are aware that our overall health can be affected by our oral health. 

Why should I attend my dentist regularly?

We carry out a thorough examination of your mouth, your gums, the hard (palate) and soft tissues in the mouth and we also carry out a cancer screening at each check-up. 

We find that regular check-ups can help prevent bigger issues in the future by catching things early; they also help patients avoid the bigger treatment costs that can arise when potential issues are neglected. We take X-rays of all of the teeth to assess what the naked eye cannot see in the mouth. Measurements will be taken of your gum health and the effects of the measurements explained to you. We will give guidance to each individual patient on an oral hygiene routine for them to follow at home.

Alongside the routine dental check-up, we advise patients to attend our hygienist at Galway Dental Clinic regularly and in between dental check-ups. Our hygienist will educate and motivate the patient to achieve their best oral health. Our hygienist will continue to observe and note all aspects of the patient’s oral health and give guidance on their oral hygiene routine.

Patient Getting a Checkup